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15 May 2019

Sitting beside the former BBC headquarters, this massive 1,465-home neighbourhood features top-notch amenities, a wide network of transportation links, and a community of private renters that is increasingly growing in recent years.


For most property investors, White City in West London has been relatively unknown due to the bulk of London’s regeneration projects happening in the central and eastern districts.


15 May 2019

30 Aug 2018

After the Brexit referendum, there have been many UK property exhibitions held in Bangkok, focusing mainly on residential projects from London. This is justified because strong demand fundamentals, structural undersupply of residential units and...

16 May 2018

When one thinks of overseas property investments, the UK - and London in particular - is probably the first destination that comes to mind for most Thai high net worth investors. In reality, there are several other residential markets outside...

25 Jul 2017

Since Brexit, the London residential market has attracted many high-net-worth Thais looking to diversify their investment portfolios by acquiring properties in other core overseas property markets. While London is a big city that comprises...

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